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Grant Hennington


Continuing Education: Class, Experience, & Events

Hennepin County Medical Center Minneapolis, MN: 2010

Willamette Valley Medical Center McMinnville, OR: 2011

OSI Physical Therapy Shoreview, MN: 2012

Minneapolis Children's Hospital, MN: 2012

Surgery Observation; Dr. Samuel Koo Rotator Cuff repair 2012

Surgery Observation; Dr. Peter Vincent Ankle Debridement 2012

Running & Biomechanics Course Matthew Walsh 2012

Surgery Observation; Dr. Lawrence Maurer Bunionectomy 2012

Surgery Observation; Dr. Matthew Osseto ACL repair 2012

Surgery Observation; Dr. Ron Gregush Hip Arthroscopy 2012

Cuff Tear Arthoropathy; Dr. Vincent Santoro & Karl Kolbeck 2013

Total Hip Arthroplasty; Dr. Jonah Hulst @ LWPT 2013

TRX Certification Course 2013

Vestibular Course: Mitch Owens 2013

Advanced Running & Biomechanics Course Matthew Walsh 2013

Surgery Observation: Labral Repair; Dr. James Bruckner 2013

SFMA Certification: Mike Voight & Brandon Gilliam May 2013

How to Keep our Athletes Safe (Concussions): Dr. Stan Herring Aug 2013

Accupuncture & Athletes: Jason Landry LAc Oct 2013

Explain Pain Course: Bob Johnson Oct 2013

Mobilization with Movement LE: Don Reordan Nov 2013

Modern Overhead Athlete Syposium January 2014

Shoulder Anatomy Review: Jessica Pare', PT

Shoulder Pathomechanics: Vincent Santoro, MD

Biomechanics of Pitching: Kyle Boddy

Shoulder Mechanics with Cross-Fit: Joe Nance, PT

Swimming Biomechanics: Chris Johnson, PT

Rock Climbing Biomcechanics: Mitch Owens, PT

Total Hip Replacement Lecture: Dr. Christopher Boone Feb 2014

Co-Race Director Kirkland Shamrock Run 2014

Makoplasty Partial Knee Replacement: Dr. Bruce Rolfe May 2014


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Grant Hennington

Grant Hennington

Grant Hennington


Grant Hennington


Grant Hennington

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