“Tthe appropriate fitting and pack for our kids is an important component to avoiding orthopedic injuries.”
— Ben Wobker, PT

How Do I fit My Pack?

Students have a lot more to carry around than they did in previous years. Without lockers and netbook requirements, backpack weights have gone up significantly. We would like to share some tips with you on how to keep your backpack weight light. The recommended maximum limits are 10-15% of bodyweight. 



Selecting a Pack

what to look for: 
-wide shoulder straps
-support straps at chest and waist
-holds all of your stuff
-fits body properly

Body Type


Each Student has unique needs and body type:

Every pack fits each kid differently. 

-straps adjust enough so that pack fits close to the body

-pack is length of torso and bottom should be 2” below waist 

-Brands worth looking at: Patagonia, Northface, LL Bean
-Roller backpacks are OK too, if you can manage them up/down the stairs easily 


What’s typically in the Backpack?

  • ITEM TIP Netbook This is heaviest item, pack it closest to your back Binder Minimize and use light weight plastic folders instead. Avoid Trapper Keepers-they are heavy!

  • Planner/Notebooks Tear out used pages & store/recycle

  • Water Bottle Fill 1/3 and refill during day/use ice as it’s lighter

  • Accessories -calc/pencils/markers/sticky notes/etc

  • Try to leave what you can in class or home

  • Lunch Consider weight when buying a lunchbox

  • Gym clothes/Instrument Store in gym locker/music room

The Stats & Figures

LWPT BackPackGraph 2018.jpg
Our interventions are paying off!

Our interventions are paying off!

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