Jessica ParÉ
Education Coordinator
Duquesne University






Continuing Education: Class, Experience, & Events

APT Core Competency Program: Manual Therapy Skills: March 2005
APT Core Competency Program: Therapeutic Exercise: April-May 2005
Puget Sound Sports Medicine Conference for the Primary Care Provider
SPTS Emergency Responder’s Course (30 contact hours) June 2005
Rehabilitation of the Post-Operative Patient (14 contact hours) Aug 2005
APT Core Competency Program: Evaluation Skills:Sept 2005
APT Core Competency Program
Medicine Conference for the Primary Care Provider: Nov 2005
Presenter "Sit Up or Sit Out": Injuries in the Rowing Athlete: Puget Sound Sport Medicine Conference: March 2006
Orthopedics Intl. Spinal & Shoulder Surgery: Latest Advances June 2006
APT Core Competency: Physical Therapy Mgmt Injured Worker: Aug 2006
Presenter Strength Training for the Adolescent Athlete: Puyallup School District Coaches’ Academy: August 2006
IAOM Sacroiliac Joint and Disorders of the Lumbar Spine: Sept 2006
North American Seminars The Running Course: Sept 2006
Drayer Institute - Rehab and Sports Med National Conference: Oct 2006
Graston Technique Module: Jan 2007
Examination and Treatment of Shoulder: George Davies:: Feb 2007
Presenter Strength Training for the Adolescent Athlete: Puyallup School District Coaches’ Academy: August 2007
APTA Clinical Instructor Credentialing Course: Sept 2007
Advances in Examination and Tx Knee Conditions: George Davies Oct 2007
Drayer Institute - Rehab and Sports Med National Conf: Oct 2007 2007
Presenter Strength Training for the Adolescent Athlete: Puyallup School District Coaches’ Academy: August 2008
AAOMPT Conference - Pain: From Science to Solutions: Oct-Nov 2008
SPTS Emergency Responder’s Course: Aug 2009
IAOM Diff Diagnosis & Manual Therapy, Lower Cervical Spine: Oct 2009
Presenter Rehabilitation of the Post-Surgical Patient instructor for Apple Physical Therapy employees: January 2010
IAOM Diff Diagnosis & Manual Therapy, Thoracic Spine & Ribs: March 2010
Tendinosis and Tendinitis: David Musnick: August 2010
Introduction to Orthotics: Brian Thacker: August 2010
IAOM Diff Diag & Manual Therapy, Upper Cervical & Headache: Nov 2010
Presenter Rehabilitation of the Post-Surgical Patient instructor for Apple Physical Therapy employees: January 2011
EIM Management of Lumbopelvic Disorders: April 2011
IAOM Clinical Exam & Manual Therapy of Shoulder Girdle: April-May 2011
IAOM Clinical Examination & Manual Therapy of the Knee: Aug 2011
Empiridence Seminars Post-Operative Shoulder Rehab: Sept 2011
SPTS Team Concept Conference: Dec 2011
Presenter Rehabilitation of the Post-Surgical Patient instructor for Apple Physical Therapy employees: January 2012
Functional Movement Screen Level I & II Combination Cert: June 2012
Empiridence Seminars Cuff Tear Arthropathy Symposium: Jan 2013
Modern Overhead Athlete Syposium January 2014 (organizer/host)
Shoulder Anatomy Review: Jessica Pare', PT (Presented)
Shoulder Pathomechanics: Vincent Santoro, MD
Biomechanics of Pitching: Kyle Boddy
Shoulder Mechanics with Cross-Fit: Joe Nance, PT
Swimming Biomechanics: Chris Johnson, PT
Rock Climbing Biomcechanics: Mitch Owens, PT
Advanced Running & Biomechanics Course Matthew Walsh Nov 2014
Spinal Mainpulation: Michael Tollan January 2015
ACL Prevention: Dr Camille Clinton March 2015
Institute of Physical Art: PNF Michael Baum April 2015
OrthoEd Integrating Mgmt of Whiplash Associated Disorders April 2015
Total Joint Replacement Lecture, Dr. Robin Fuchs 2015
Running Mechanics & Cadence Inservice By Jessica Pare 2016
Pain Management Inservice by Heidi Biehl 2016
MVA Whiplash Considerations by Laura Maruhashi 2016
PostPartum Fitness: Holly Tanner, PT, LMP April 2016
ASTYM Techniques/Protocol Inservice: Jocelyn Riordan 2016
System of a Run Part II, Christopher Johnson May 2016
PNF Level II: Institiute of Physical Arts Feb 2017
Surgery & Clinic Observation: Dr. Santoro February 2017
Advanced Running Course Update: Matthew Walsh March 2017
PNW Lumbar Symposium Portland: April 2017
Pain Mgmt of Chronic Lumbosacral Pain: Kim Mauer, MD April 2017
The Saliba Postural Classification System: Vicky Saliba Johnson April 2017
The Integrated Systems Model & Motor Control for the Management of Lumbopelvic Pain Diane Lee, PT April 2017
Movement-based Subgrouping Treatment Approaches for Low Back Pain: Consideration of Motor Control and Psychological CharacteristicsNicholas Karayannis, DPT April 2017
Management of the Pressure Systems through Treatment and Training of the Pelvic Floor, Diaphragm and Glottis; Gregg Johnson, PT April 2017
Integrating Directional Preference and Centralization Into the Management of Low Back Pain Josh Kidd, DPT April 2017
How "Kegels" Can be Detrimental to Patients with LBP if the Pelvic Floor Muscles are Overactive M. J. Strauhal, PT April 2017
Core Strengthening and Influences on Gait Nancy Causton April 2017
Language, Culture and Pain: Contextual Considerations in the treatment of Low Back Pain Justin Dunaway, PT April 2017
Incorporating a Neuromuscular Perspective into the Lumbosacral Exam
David Kurihara, DPT April 2017
Regenerative Injection Therapy: Consideration for Lumbar and SI Pathology Dr Rahul N Desai, MD April 2017
Neuromodulation: Update 2017 Dr Mark A Kallgren, MD April 2017
Read Jessica's Published Article (click here) May 2017
ABCs of Nutrition: Geoff Lecovin, DC, ND May 2017
Sports Physical Therapy Section Las Vegas Dec 2017
Enhance Performance Throwing Shoulder Mike Reinold, PT, DPT 2017
Performance: Athlete and Blood Flow Restriction Dan Lorenz, PT, DPT 2017
Linking Segments of LE: Running w/ Knee Pain Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD 2017
Treatment of the Throwing Athlete’s Shoulder: Walt Jenkins, PT, DHS 2017
Different Pathologies Within Throwing Shoulder Rob Manske, PT, DPT 2017
When I do Surgery and when I don’t do Surgery Jeff Dugas, MD 2017
Post-operative Rehabilitation: Throwing Shoulder Kevin Wilk, PT, DPT 2017
The Throwing Shoulder: Kevin Wilk, PT, DPT 2017
Late Rehabilitation: Increased Performance in Throwing Ath. Mike Reinold 2017
An Evidence-based Progression: Return to Throwing Kevin Wilk PT, DPT 2017
What do I do with the Biceps Tendon and Why? Jeff Dugas, MD 2017
The Difficult Hip: Blaise Williams, PT, PhD 2017
Biomechanical and Etiological Factors in the Hip Blaise Williams, PT, PhD  2017
New Techniques to Treat the Difficult Hip John Christoforetti, MD 2017
Rehabilitation of the Difficult Hip Erik Meira, PT, DPT, SCS, CSCS 2017
Examination of the Knee Joint: 100 Years of Experience Mark DeCarlo, DPT 217
Performance Enhancement for the Athlete and Blood Flow Restriction Therapy Dan Lorenz, PT, DPT, LAT, CSCS
Examination of the Hip Joint and Manual Techniques Erik Meira, PT, DPT 2017
Cutting Edge Techniques in Treating the Injured Shoulder Kevin Wilk, PT 2017
Kinesiology Taping in Sports Medicine Phil Page, PT, PhD, ATC, CSCS 2017
Cupping and Dry Needling in Sports Medicine Edsel Bittencourt, PT 2017
Instrumented Soft Tissue Manual Therapy Mike Ploski, PT, ATC, OCS 2017
New techniques in Treatment of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome Exam & Pathophysiology Gary Calabrese, PT, DPT Non-Operative Rehabilitation of the Patellofemoral Joint Russ Paine, PT 217
Post-Op Rehab of the Patellofemoral Joint Rob Manske, PT, DPT 2017
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in the Runner: Tim Tyler, PT, MS, ATC 2017
Techniques Treating PF Pain Synd in Runners Bryan Heiderscheit, PT, PhD 2017
Usage of Modalities in Sports Medicine: Mitch Rauh, PT, PhD, MPH, FACSM 2017
Therapeutic Ultrasound: When do I Use it and Why? Tim Tyler, PT, MS, ATC 2017
Dry Needling: New Modality That Has Been Around. Edsel Bittencourt, PT 2017
Modality Use in Acute injury vs. Chronic Injury Mitch Rauh, PT, PhD 2017
Toca Soccer Screening and Research December 2018