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Justin Ho
University of California Irvine
New York University


Justin Ho

Justin was born and raised in Lake Forest, California and graduated from the University of California, Irvine. He decided to jump out of his comfort zone and move to New York City to attend NYU's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program.

As a kid, Justin played many sports including soccer, volleyball, and football, but found his love in basketball. While at UCI, he learned how to break dance and box. Around the same time, he developed severe low back and sciatic pain. Unfortunately he did not receive the best advice or rehab for his back until many years later. It was from that point on that he knew that he could combine his fascination of movement and experiences with pains to help others discover their potential to rehabilitate themselves and return to participating in activities that they love. 

When moving to the East Coast, he knew he had an opportunity of a life time to harness the hustle and grind mentality of the New York City. There he was able to learn from many great experts in rehab that has and will continue to mentor him in his pursuit to becoming a better therapist. His primary goal for each of his patients is to empower them to establish strong self-efficacy in their rehab process. Justin's clinical interests working with individuals with neck and back pain and those with dizziness.

Southern California to New York City to the Pacific Northwest... why? Justin has had an affinity for the PNW since high school that began with Seattle-based hip hop group, Blue Scholars. He also grew up watching Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp. One of his favorite NBA players is Ray Allen. In 2011, he witnessed the Marshawn Lynch's Beast Quake and immediately became a Seahawks fan. It was clear that if the opportunity presented himself that he'd move back to the West Coast and practice in the PNW.