Mandie Majerus
Assistant Clinic Manager
Montana State University
University of Montana






Continuing Education: Class, Experience, & Events:

Shoulder surgery: Community Hospital, Missoula, MT: (2001)
Current Concepts in Wound Healing, Wound Care Associates: (2002)
Biomechanical Approach to Rehabilitation of Selective LE Injuries: (2003)
Techniques of Manual Therapy: Lumbar Spine Great Lakes Seminars: (2003)
Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine, UW School of Medicine: (2004)
NAIOMT, Level I: Differential Diagnosis: (2004)
The Running Course, North American Seminars: (2005)
Shoulder revision surgery observation, Dr. Richard Roux, Yakima, WA (2005)
Diagnosis & Treatment; Movement Impairment Syndromes, Level I (2005)
NAIOMT, Level II: Upper Quadrant Extremities and Spine (2005/2006)
NAIOMT, Level II: Lower Quadrant Extremities and Spine (2005/2006)
The SI Joint and Pelvic Girdle, North American Seminars (2007)
Spinal surgery observation (implantation of dorsal nerve root stimulator), Dr. Scott Price (2007)
Therapy Techniques Upper Quarter, Mulligan Concept (2007)
Orthotics: Prefabricated vs. Custom, Footstride Technology, (2008)
NAIOMT, Level III: Lower Quadrant, Advanced Techniques: (2008)
NAIOMT, Level III: Upper Quadrant, Advanced Techniques: (2009)
Recent Advances in Treatment of the Knee and Shoulder, Kevin Wilk (2010)
Trigeminal Symptoms of Cervical Spine Origin; PTs Karen Greely and Jim Shepherd May 2010
Shoulder Screening and Orthopaedic Fundamentals, Karl Kolbeck (2011)
Surgery Observation: RC Repair: Dr. Samuel Koo (2011)
Kinesio Taping 1 & 2, James Wallis (ATC, MS, CKTI) (2011)
Diagnosis & Treatment of Upper & Lower Extremity; Wilk & Mulligan (2011)
Movement Systems of the shoulder and neck; Shirley Sahrnman, (2011)
Contemporary Persp. for Post-Operative Shoulder Rehab: Kolbeck (2011)
Running & Biomechanics Course Matthew Walsh 2012
Surgery Observation; Dr. Lawrence Maurer Bunionectomy 2012
Surgery Observation; Dr. Christian Peterson ACL repair 2013
Presented to Google Employees on proper bra fitting 2013
Advanced Running & Biomechanics Course Matthew Walsh 2013
SFMA Certification: Mike Voight & Brandon Gilliam May 2013
How to Keep our Athletes Safe (Concussions): Dr. Stan Herring Aug 2013
Accupuncture & Athletes: Jason Landry LAc Oct 2013
Level I Functional Dry Needling: Applications for Pain Management and Sports Injuries, Kinetacore, Oct 2013
Dizziness and Vertigo Treatment: Mitch Owens Nov 2013
Jaw Mechanics and Cervical Motor Control; Dr. Jason Pehling, DDS Oct 2014
Modern Overhead Athlete Syposium January 2014
Shoulder Anatomy Review: Jessica Pare', PT
Shoulder Pathomechanics: Vincent Santoro, MD
Biomechanics of Pitching: Kyle Boddy
Shoulder Mechanics with Cross-Fit: Joe Nance, PT
Swimming Biomechanics: Chris Johnson, PT
Rock Climbing Biomcechanics: Mitch Owens, PT
Total Hip Replacement Lecture: Dr. Christopher Boone Feb 2014
Strain Counterstrain, Jones Institute, Puyallup, June 2014
Lectured at Kirkland Every Day Athlete: Female Running Injuries July 2014
NAIOMT Advanced Clinical Resaoning Sept 2014
Spinal Manipulation: Michael Tollan January 2015
Treatment in advanced Runners Injuries: Chris Johnson Feb 2015
ACL Prevention: Dr Camille Clinton March 2015
Medical Emergencies in Skiing & Snowboarding for Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers, May 2015, Park City, UT.
Extremity Mainpulation: Michael Tollan September 2015Total Joint Replacement Lecture, Dr. Robin Fuchs 2015
Manips for Chicks with NAIOMT March 2016
Certified Manual Physical Therapist: NAIOMT 2016
Common Ankle Injuries Lecture: Dr. Jonathan Hall: Jan 2017
Clinical Instructor Course: CI February 2017
PNF I: Institute of Physical Art: Febrary 2017
Advanced Running Course Update: Matthew Walsh March 2017
Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine ACL prevention program, Green Lake and Shoreline HS, Seattle, April 2017
ABCs of Nutrition: Geoff Lecovin, DC, ND May 2017
Arthroscopic Shoulder Update: Samuel Koo, MD May 2017
Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine ACL prevention program, Green Lake and Shoreline HS, Seattle, May 2017
Clinical Instructor for Vickie Otto: Regis University Fall/Winter 2017
Patella Arthritis, Surgery, & Rehab Dr. Camille Clinton Nov 2017
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in the Athlete: Vickie Otto Dec 2017
RRCA Level I coach (Road Runner's Club of America) in Bozeman, MT May 2018