Our goal is for each soccer player to leave strong when they arrived and with strategies and tools that they can use the rest of their career.
— Victor Kollar, PT

Soccer Rehab

We are very confident in our ability to rehabilitate soccer injuries and prevent them. Most our staff competed at the high school and college levels of soccer. Since we opened our doors we have covered the cross-fire tournament, had numerous collegiate players return to the field, and even helped with members of our MLS team. In fact our own staff won the Co-Ed soccer league for Redmond-Kirkland in 2017-2018. We institute the latest in physical therapy research into our practice and routinely attend surgeries with our favorite physicians. The past 3 years we have also been involved with the Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine Groups efforts in soccer injury prevention. Our team also covers soccer and injury screens at Lake Washington High School.

Soccer Prep Videos

Soccer Intro: Victor Kollar, PT

Foundational Movement Prep

Hip Swings
Moster walks
Agility Ladder workouts

Soccer & Lacrosse Movement Prep

Movement Prep Transitional Mvmt

Movement Prep

Foam Roll Series

This video is about Soccer Movement Prep
Movement Prep
Agility Ladder
Agility Ladder 2

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