Anne Harmon Grout
University oF florida
old dominion University


Continuing Education: Class, Experience, & Events:

Knee Rehabilitation-Edward Farina, PT-1992
Lower Extremity Biomechanics-1993
E1-Extremity Evaluation and Manipulation-Dr. Stanley Paris,PT-1993
S1-Introduction to Spinal Evaluation & Manipulation-Dr. Stanley Paris,PT-1994
Examination of the Shoulder Complex-Dr. Russell Woodman, PT-1994 Chain Reaction Plus-Gary Gray, PT-1995
NAIOMT Level 1-Introduction to Differential Diagnosis in Manual Therapy-Erl Pettman, PT-1995
Chain Reaction Festival-Gary Gray, PT-1996 -NAIOMT Level II-B-Lower Quadrant-Anne Porter Hoke,PT-1996
NAIOMT Level II-A-Lower Quadrant-Anne Porter Hoke,PT-1996 -Advances in the Knee and Shoulder-Kevin Wilk,PT-1997
WSPTA Conference-The Shoulder Complex-Dr. Steven Anderson and Cliff Fowler,PT-1997
NAIOMT Level II-A-Upper Quadrant- Anne Porter Hoke,PT-1998
NAIOMT Level II-B-Upper Quadrant-Anne Porter Hoke,PT-1998
When The Foot Hits the Ground-Suzie Lefever-Button,PT-1998
NAIOMT Level III-B-Lower Quadrant-1999
Science of Function-Michael Kane,MPT-1999
NAIOMT Level III-A-Lower Quadrant-1999
Cervical Thoracic Integration-Kent Keyser, MSPT-2000
Introduction to Kinesio Taping-2000
Complex Foot Care Course: American Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Society-2000
An Introduction to Pilates-Mark Stockman,PT-2001
Chain Reaction Explosion-Gary Gray, PT-2001
The Pelvis: Restoring Function and Relieving Pain-Diane Lee,PT-2003
Musculoskeletal and Sports Medicine-UW Symposium-2003
NAIOMT Level II-B (Audit/Review) Lumbar Spine-James Meadows, PT-2004
Advanced Concepts in Examination and Treatment of the Shoulder Complex-George Davies,DPT-2005 -Clinical Muscle Training for Orthopedic and Sports Injury Recovery-Mark Albert, PT,ATC-2006
Therapeutic Modalities-Evidenced Based Approach-Jon DeBond,MSPT,ATC-2006
Speed, Agility and Quickness Training-Brian Lawler,PT-2008
Following the Essential Path to Optimal Athletic Development-Vern Gambetta-2009
Dance Medicine: Strategies For the Prevention and Care of Injuries to Dancers-APTA(Orthopedic Section Study)-2009
Sports Related Injuries in the Young Athlete-Shaun Goulbourne-2009
The Knee and Shoulder Today-Symposium MD(Dr. Khalfayan, Dr. McAdam, etc. & PT speakers)-2010
Muscle Activation Techniques-Jacques Taylor-2011
Recent Trends in ACL Rehabilitation-Vincent Hudson,DPT-2011
Orthotic Reaction-Michael Kane, MOMT, PT-2011
Graston Technique: M1-Harry Ho,D.C.-2012
Selective Functional Movement Assessment (NASMI)-Michael Voight,PT & Brandon Gillian,PT)-2012
Therapeutic Taping: Breakthrough for Dealing with Musculoskeletel Conditions-Darrell Locket,MAT,ATC,CSCS-2013
Sports Injuries-Justin Stanek, EdD,ATC-2013 -Injuries in Youth Sports: Assessment and Treatment of Orthopedic Injuries in the Young Athlete-Marc Bernier,MPT,CSCS-2013
The Running Course: Biomechanics, Analysis, Rehabilitation and Training-Matthew Walsh, BScPT,PhD-2014
ACL Injuries in Children-SPSM Mtg.-Dr. Steven Anderson,MD, Dr. Lawrence Holland,MD, Dr. Gregory Schmale, MD)-2014
Orthotic Prescription for the Young Athlete- SPSM Mtg. Dr. Steven Anderson, MD, Dr. Martin Mankey,MD 2014
PRI: Postural Respiration- Mike Cantrell,MPT-2014
Advanced Running Course- Matthew Walsh,BScPT,PhD-2014
Hips that Click, Crack or Pop-Dx & Rx of Hip Pain in Young Athletes-SPSM Mtg.-Dr. Steven Anderson,MD 2014
Effective Physical Therapy Prescription: The MD's and PT's Perspective-SPSM Mtg.-Dr. Stan Herring,MD, Dr. Chris Peterson,MD and others-2015
PRI: Pelvis Restoration- Jessie Ham, PT-2015
Is Prophylactic Bracing Helpful to Prevent or Treat Youth Sports Injuries?-SPSM Mtg.- Dr. Chris Wahl,MD, Rob Scheidegger,ATC-2015
Comprehensive Treatment of the Foot and Ankle- Patrick Hoban,PT,MS-2015
Seattle Dance Project (2008 – 2012) 
Seattle Instructor to North Creek High School Girls’ Soccer Teams - Bothell, WA (Fall 2017)
SPSM ACL Injury Prevention Program Safety/First Aid Lead
Team Reign - Northshore Select Soccer (2013-2017) Pacific Northwest Ballet (2010 – present) 
Professional Presentation Instructor to Seattle Metro Physical therapists, Athletic Trainers and Coaches-Shorewood High School, Shoreline, WA (February 11, 2018)
Train the Instructors/SPSM ACL Injury Prevention Program Instructor to SPSM members-Green Lake Park, Seattle, WA (October 14, 2017)
Train the Trainers/ACL Injury Prevention Program Co-Presenter to Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine Quarterly Meeting - Glaser Auditorium, Swedish Medical Center, Seattle, WA (December 6, 2016)
ACL Injury Prevention/Sports Enhancement Program for Youth Soccer
PRI: Myokinematic Restoration- James Anderson, MPT, PRC-2016
ACL Injuries in Youth Sports- Seattle Children's Hospital Symposium- Dr. Monique Burton,MD, Dr. Thomas Jinguji and Dr. Celeste Quitiquit-2016
Evidenced Based Practices in Sports Medicine- SPSM mtg.-Dr. Greg Cain,MD, Dr. Reed Williams,MD 2016
Osteochondritis Dissecans-SPSM Mtg.- Monique Burton,MD, Thomas Jinguji,MD, Celeste Quitiquit,MD 2016Stress Fractures in Youth- SPSM Mtg.-Susan Ott,MD, Brian Knaback, MD and Brent George,MPT-2017
Suicide Care for Physical and Occupational Therapists-MedBridge Susan Eastgard,MSW and Jeffrey Sung,MD-2017STEM CELL and PRP Therapy-SPSM MTG.- Dr. Mark Wagner,MD and Dr. Kim Harmon,MD-2017 -Shoulder and Knee 2017
SPSM ACL Injury Prevention Program Instructor to North Creek High School Girls’ Basketball Teams (Winter 2017-2018)
Kevin Wilk, PT,DPT-2017 -Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussions-Karen Skop, PT,DPT-2017
Instructor to NCHS Basketball Teams Winter 2017-2018 SPSM ACL Injury Prevention Program
Rowing Biomechanics and Musculoskeletel Injury- SPSM Mtg.-Dr. Erik Brand, MD-2018
Diagnostic Ultrasound in Medicince Dr. Makinde 2018
"Train the Trainers" event for SPSM ACL Injury Prevention Program @ Shorewood High School Spring 2018
TRX Certification November 2018

Consulting Experience Pacific Northwest Ballet (1997 – present)
Seattle Dance Project 2008-2012

Super Jock ‘N Jill – Green Lake - Medical Screening Nights (2001-present)
Seattle Pediatric Sports Medicine (2013-present) ACL Injury Prevention Subcommittee - Program Development: currently in process of implementing youth injury prevention program to state wide soccer programs