A comprehensive gait analysis should be a part of any athlete, runner, or even recreational walker.
— Ben Wobker, PT

Gait Anlaysis

Dartfish iPad

Gait analysis is the systematic study of human motion, using the trained eye augmented by digital imaging for measuring body movements. The therapist will be assessing your biomechanics, and any abnormalities of your walking pattern, posture, foot strike, and movement in all planes. Gait analysis is an exceptional tool to treat more effectively clients & athletes of all sports and recreation. Currently we conduct analysis via Dartfish biomechanics software for desktop and mobile devices.

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Treadmill Test


We look at many items during a gait analysis depending on activity or sport. The best information is achieved with men walking or running without a top in shorts. For women we recommend a sports bra and running shorts. 

Here are the most common items we look at after an in-depth intake history.

  • Pelvis and spine

    • Trunk Lean

    • Forward Head

    • Scapular position

  • Arm Drive and Swing

  • Pelvic Position

    • <10deg,forward trunk , relaxed hands and shoulders , 60deg ext hum

  • Knees and hips

    • Strike under COM, sagittal aligned, hip height/level, extended hip and knee toe off

  • Lower Leg

    • Tibial Position in relation to ground

  • Foot & ankle

    • Soft strike , slight toe out , active propulsion , 25-35 dorsi, mtp 60-70 , quick pronationand resupination

  • Other Items Assessed:

    • Cadence (more on cadence can be found our RunCadence app page)

    • Symmetry

    • Upper respiratory breathing vs Diaphragm

    • Footwear

      • Choices

      • Wear Patterns

      • History

    • Orthotics

      • History of Custom vs OTC

Technique Assessed

  • Avoid overextension

  • Swing ankle up through opposite knee

  • Keep strike under your hips

  • Light on the heels and quick tempo

  • Slight forward lean of the body

  • Symmetry in the hips ,don’t sink

  • Soft smooth arms elbows back, hips to chin

Videos on Gait & Cadence

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Biomechanical Changes with gait
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