“Since 2010, our clinics have hosted over 55 educational events. This is a critical part of who we are as a team, we are lifetime learners, curious practitioners, and enjoy reaching out in our community.”
— Benjamin Wobker, Founder

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2018 Lectures

Dr. Bim Makinde, MD

Thanks to Dr. Abimbolu S. Makinde M.D. for the great lecture last week. in cased you missed it we have it archived on our lecture page. 
LWPT lectures: https://www.lakewashingtonpt.com/lectures/
More on Dr. Makinde: 

Nutrition Lecture

Ashton Griffen, CN

Transforming your relationship with food was a great lecture by Certified Nutritionist Ashton Griffen and took place at our Houghton location.

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Dr. Eric Foch ITB

Dr. Eric Foch
Iliotibial Band Syndrome

Dry Fry Concussion Lecture

Dr. Adrielle Fry, MD
Concussion Lecture

Alexis Christensen

Alexis Christensen
Weekday Warrior

Dr. Philip Shaw

Dr. Philip Shaw, DPM, Runner, & Coach
Distance Running

2017 Lectures

Dr. Stone Lecture 2017.jpg

Dr. Addison Stone
Lumbar Spine Lecture

Geoff Lecovin

Dr. Geoff Lecovin
Nutrition Lecture


Dr. Jonathan Hall, MD
Ankle Lecture

Chimes & Hyman Lecture 2017 Houghton

Dr. Gary Chimes, MD & Garret Hyman, MD
Health Optimization

Camile Clinton Lecture

Dr. Camille Clinton, MD
Patella Lecture

Vickie Otto Pelvic Floor lunch and learn .jpg

Vickie Otto, PT
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction


Dr. Clinton Lunch & Learn

Dr. Camille Clinton, MD
Patella: Lunch & Learn


2016 Lectures

Holly Tanner, PT, LMP

Holly Tanner, PT, LMP
Postpartum Rehab

Doug Walsh

Doug Walsh, Author
Two Far Gone Lecture


2015 Lectures

Dr. Clinton ACL Lecture

Dr. Camille Clinton, MD
ACL Lecture

Dr. Robin Fuchs
Total Knee Replacement

Dr. Robin Fuchs joined us for a lecture on the latest updates and breakthroughs in total joint replacement. For more on Dr. Fuchs (click here)

2014 Lectures

Dr. Bruce Rolfe

Makoplasty Lecture

Great lecture on the lasest in Makoplasty for more bout Dr. Rolfe (click here)

Dr. Gary Chimes
Tendon Injuries

Dr. Chimes lectured on the effects of chronic tendonitis, tendinosis, & repetitive stress. He also touched on PRP, Diagnostic Ultrasound, and quality time with your physician. More on Dr. Chimes (click here)

Dr. Christopher Boone
Disorders of the Hip

Dr. Boone had a great lecture on the difficulties of FAI and hip dysplasia. For more on Dr. Boone (Click here)

2013 Lectures

OrthoEd Postcard 2013 Front .jpg

OrthoEd Symposium
The Overhead Athlete

This event was hosted by Jessica Pare', Ben Wobker, Mitch Owens, Maureen Madden, and Joe Nance. With Special guests Kyle Boddy from DriveLine Baseball, Dr. Vincent Santoro, and Christopher Johnson. You can visit OrthoEd's FB Page (click here) 

Dr. Hulst

Dr. Jonah Hulst
Total Hip Arthroplasty

Dr. Hulst lecture on total hip replacements. For more on Dr. Hulst (click here)

Dr. Jason Landry, LAc
Acupuncture for Athletes

Dr. Landry lectured on the team approach and the most effective way to integrate acupuncture into the clinical team. For more on Dr. Landry (click here)

2012 Lectures

Dr. Maurer Lecture Barefoot Running

Dr. Maurer
Barefoot Running

More on Dr. Maurer (click here)

Dr. Michael Battaglia

Dr. Michael Battaglia
ACL Grafts

MOre on Dr. Battaglia (click Here)

Dr. Fuchs Total Knee

Dr. Robin Fuchs
Total Knee Replacement

More on Dr. Fuchs (click here)

Dr. Ghilslaine Robert

Dr. Ghislaine Robert
World Cup Soccer

More on Dr. Robert (click here)

Dr. Bob Adams London Olympics

Dr. Bob Adams
The London Olympics

More on Dr. Adams (Click here)

Dr. Koo Postcard 2012 Front .jpg

Dr. Samuel Koo
Rotator Cuff Repairs

More on Dr. Koo (Click here)

Dr. Lew Estabrook

Dr. Lew Estabrook & Dr. Tim Clanton
Chriopractics & PT

More on Tim and Lew (Click here)

2011 Lectures

Dr. Bob Adams Team Physician USATF

Dr. Bob Adams
Olympic Athlete

More on Dr. Adams (Click here)

Dr. Peter Vincent

Dr. Peter Vincent
Management of Tibial Stress Synrome

More on Dr. Peter Vincent (click here)

Dr. Santoro Lecture

Dr. Vincent Santoro
Rotator Cuff Tears

More on Dr. Santoro (Click here)

Dr. Chris Peterson

Dr. Chris Peterson
ACL Repairs

More on Dr. Chris Peterson (Click here)

Dr. Koo

Dr. Samuel Koo
Rotator Cuff Rehabilitation

More on Dr. Koo (Click here)

Dr. Maurer Barefoot 2

Dr. Maurer
Barefoot Running Update

More on Dr. Maurer (click here)

2010 Lectures