“Our team does our absolute best to verify your insurance and give you the most complete picture of what your rehabilitation journey might cost you. Just like you we try to avoid surprises”
— Sara Wobker Director of Operations

Accepted Insurances

We are contracted with most major insurance companies and also have a cash pay option which currently ends up begin the same cash pay rate as Medicare.

Our team for your convenience will contact your insurance company by phone or electronically after you provide us with your insurance plan, number, and ID. Remember a quote from your insurance company is still subject to change by them per the terms of your contract. We highly encourage our patients to call their insurances and stay actively involved to ensure a smooth completion of their care.

Give a call in today to see if you have coverage.

Downtown Kirkland: 425.629.3502
Houghton: 425.979.7445
Kenmore: 425.419.4363

Billing Statements

Our billing team and therapists work hard to be timely and transparent with the cost of your rehabilitation. If you have any questions or concerns you can contact our team on the phone. On “average” our visits are about 3.5 units or $125 a visit. Each visit will vary depending on the procedures carried out, time spent, and the particular insurances contracted rate for each activity.

Our statements are sent out promptly each month by our EMR/Billing Service in Portland, OR.

How To Read my Explanation of Benefits (EOB)


Call our centralized Billing Phone Number

How To Read My Bill