“Lake Washington Physical Therapy has seen over 120,000 patient visits since 2010. We make sure that each patient gets the time and attention needed to achieve their goals.”
— Benjamin Wobker, Founder

Leadership in the physical therapy community has guided our staff since we opened our doors.


More Time

By design we have our facilities set up so that you get the most time with our therapists as possible. Each visit is 45 minutes and you get billed accordingly. This allows our team to be hands on utilizing years of training for manual therapy skills as well as being very specific in our exercise prescriptions and oversight. 


Each of our licensed therapists graduated from an accredited university but our team also subscribes to lifetime learning. What this means is that you know your clinician will be up to date on the latest techniques, skills, and research. As a patient this translates to less time in the clinic and more time doing what you enjoy and striving to meet your goals.



Since the fall of 2010 we have put forth over 50 combined seminars at our facilities. These include local athletes, physicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists, chiropractors, trainers, authors, and world renown therapists. For more on our lectures we have many of the talks memorialized on PDF, Youtube, and Facebook Live.  

Out Reach

It is a passion of our therapists to give back but also to reach out to educate community members and fellow practitioners. Our team members have given over 50 lectures at running stores, hospitals, surgical centers, running clubs, rowing teams, high school sport teams, and local clubs. We are proud to also have a strong relationship with Juanita High School and Lake Washington High School who we have therapists that coach, train, and provide medical screenings at both high schools.

photography provided by    Zach Doleac

photography provided by Zach Doleac

Community Involvement 2018

  • March: Kirkland Shamrock Run $6,000+ to local charities

  • March: Hopelink Can Madness $29,000 and 69,000 lbs raised

  • Spring: Heidi Biehl Juanita High School Track & Field Coach

  • Spring: Matt Sato Cross Fit Competition Medical Volunteer

  • October Ben Wobker Kirkland Middle School Back Pack Education and Wellness

  • February Caitlin Baird Rosehill Middle School Volleyball Coach

  • February Ben Wobker Redmond High School Career Day Speaker and Panel

  • Fall Victor Kollar Lake Washington High School Football, Basketball, and Soccer medical volunteer.