"The work that a patient puts in on their own is the biggest determinant to a rehab plans success"

-Matt Sato, PT


Home Exercise Program

We use the latest technology in the rehab world. The exercises, stretches, and strategies that your therapist provides you with will be given to you via text or email and also a paper copy. The digital copy also allows you to watch videos of the exercises to refresh between PT visits. Our current Home Exercise Program of choice is Medbridge headquartered in Kirkland.

Cost containment

Your therapist will do their best to find economic solutions. They will work to use items that you have previously purchased, use your existing gym membership, and/or providing the majority of all supplies for home.

The LWPT Video Page

We are passionate about corrective exercise and technique. Our staff has put together a large amount of exercise videos and also interviews that will help you make the jump back onto the field, slopes, court or simply elevate your performance.

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Our Running App is on the App Store

We really enjoy working with runners. Because of that we decided to create our own app that tracks your step rate otherwise known as cadence.