“Preparing for the ski and snowboard season means you’ll see me in the mountains rather than the clinic.”
— Mandie Majerus, PT

Mandie has been a skier her entire life. She has summited many of the major peaks in Washington and skied many of them too. She has been a medical member for the US Ski Team for many years. She can help anyone readying themselves for the upcoming season whether it be for performance or injury prevention

SKiHab & Snowhab

Read  Mandie ’s article from Winter 2018 in  Outside Magazine

Read Mandie’s article from Winter 2018 in Outside Magazine

These exercise Videos and Routines were created by Mandie Majerus and Mitch Owens for health athletes preparing for the upcoming snow season. Stay tuned for their seminars and lectures around the Pacific Northwest with their new training site called the Alpine Training Project

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Photo Credit: Nick Spang http:/nickspang.com

Photo Credit: Nick Spang http:/nickspang.com

Skihab & Snowhab Videos

Mandie's 2 Cents

For some people skiing means taking a lift up and skiing groomed trails. For others it means taking a lift up and skiing moguls or off piste. For still others it means skinning up a mountain and skiing off the summit. For all types of skiing, it is important to have the flexibility, strength and endurance that the sport requires. Attention to a bit of pre-season training can enhance performance while helping to prevent some of the most common injuries we see in the clinic. These injuries include low back pain, overuse injuries, hip strains and rotational injuries to the knees.

If you notice your legs need a break-in period each season, we can evaluate the biomechanics of your squat, be sure you are doing enough eccentric strengthening and run you through a list of benchmark movements to hone in on the aspects of your workout routine that are most crucial to a successful season. As a physical therapist, we are trained to look for minor impairments that, when addressed, can significantly improve your core strength, balance and power. 


Orthotics & Inserts

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Many times adding and orthotic to your Ski or Snowboard boot can help performance and also reduce chances of fatigue and/or injury. Ben has been fitting boots since 2005 and has been a lifelong snowboarder and instructor.