“We are very proud of our contribution to the local physical therapy and medical community. As of 2019 we have had over 65 interns, shadows, and students go on to a post graduate degree!”
— Benjamin Wobker, PT, Founder

LWPT Alumni: Aides, Shadows, & Interns


Jason James, DPT, TPIc
SPT 2011

Jason James, SPT
Pacific University (2011)

Jason was our first PT intern at LWPT. He worked with Ben and Matt through the summer of 2011. Jason is an avid bike enthusiast and a great friend of Ben's. His Wife Renee' was a student of Ben's in 2000 at Health South and is also Sara Wobker's childhood best friend from Redwood Falls, Minnesota. Jason and Renee' now both own and work at Boones Landing Physical Therapy in Wilsonville.

Megan O'Connell
LWPT Shadow & Aide LWPT 2011-2012

High School: Skyline
College: Western Washington University
PT School: St. Augustine University (San Diego)

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Jenna Upper Bio.jpg

Jenna Kokes, DPT

Jenna Upper Kokes, SPT
University of Montana (2012)

Jenna worked as Matt and Ben's aide while at Redmond Physical Therapy and later became a doctorate student intern while finishing up at the University of Montana. Jenna and her husband Brett now reside in Winthrop and own Winthrop Physical Therapy and Fitness. She achieved her OCS in the Summer of 2014. Great work Jenna from RPT to UM to LWPT to ownership!

Nate Smith Bio.jpg

Nathan Smith
LWPT 2010-2012

High School: Bothell
College: WWU
Grad School: UMass 2012

Nate Castine
LWPT 2011-2012

High School: Nathan Hale
College: WWU
PT School: Marymount University, VA 2012

Kelsea Hazlehurst
LWPT 2012-2014

High School: Roosevelt
College: WWU
PT School: Western States University


Kelly McGivern
LWPT 2012-2013

High School: Lake Washington
College: WWU
PT School: St. Augustine University

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Victor Kollar
LWPT 2012-2013

High School: International School
College: Gonzaga
PT School: Creighton University

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Hannah Saunders
LWPT 2013

High School: Stanwood
College: WWU


Christina Bosik,
LWPT 2011-2013

High School: Auburn
College: Western Washington University
PT School: Massachusetts General Hospital

Natalie Kinney
Shadow & Aide LWPT
LWPT 2012- Current

High School: Juanita
College: University of Washington
PTA School: Lake Washington Technical College

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Heidi Bio.jpg

Heidi Biehl
SPT 2013
LWPT 2014- Current

College: Montana State University
PT Program: University of Montana

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Grant Hennington
LWPT 2012-2014

High School: Elk River High Minnesota
College: St. Thomas University
PT School: University of Minnesota

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Kelsey McGladrey
Summer 2013

High School: Bothell
College: St. Martin University
PT School: Franklin Pierce University 2013


Matt Asahara
LWPT Summer 2015

High School: Renton
College: Washington State University
PT School: Pacific University 2015

Nicole update.jpg

Nicole Riddle
LWPT 2014-2015

High School: Kamiak
College: Washington State University
PT School: Pacific University 2014


Cory Harum
LWPT Summer 2015

High School: Wenatchee
College: Eastern Washington University
PT School: Pacific University 2015


Ricky Pittman
Summer 2015

High Schoo: Mount Vernon
College: Pacific University 2012
PT School: Pacific University 2014


Josh Vlach
LWPT 2015-2016

High School: Stanwood
College: WWU
Grad Program: EMT

Annika Hayman
LWPT 2014-2016

High School: Redmond
College: Concordia
PT School: Washington University St. Louis

Brittany Webster
LWPT 2014-2016

High School: Juanita
College: WSU
PT School: Franklin Pierce, AZ


Laura Maruhasi
LWPT Winter 2016

High School: Mercer Island
College: Western Washington University
PT School: Regis University

Joceyln Riordan.jpg

Jocelyn Riordan
LWPT Summer 2016

High School: Shorecrest
College: University of Puget Sound
PT School: Pacific University


Samantha Gunderson
LWPT Summer 2016

High School: Bothell
College: Western Washington University
PT School: Montana

Cole Graves
LWPT 2015

High School: Juanita High School
College: CWU
PT School: Northwestern University (Chicago)

Nick Jackson

Nick Jackson
SPT 2018
Aide & Front Office 2016-2017

High School: Redmond
College: Western Washington University
PT School: Eastern Washington University

Kayla Panos
LWPT Student 2017

High School: Austin
College: University of Texas
PT School: Texas College Women’s School


Mike Linder
LWPT Aide 2018

High School: Inglemoor
College: Universtiy of Washington

Justin Ho
LWPT Student 2017

Justin joined the downtown team on Saturdays in 2018 and has now joined the team in Houghton full-time.

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Ashton Griffen
LWPT Aide 2016-2018

High School: Cedar Crest
College: Western Washington University
Grad: Logan University

Kamy Brandt

Kamy Brandt
Aide & Front Office 2016-2019

High School: Skyline High School
College: Universtiy of Washington
PT Program: St. Augustine University San Diego

Jordan Bork
Rehabilitation Aide
Summer 2018

High School: Juanita
College: Washington State University
PT Program: Eastern Washington University

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Anna Lindquist
Summer 2018

High School: Juanita
College: Azusa Pacific University
PT Program: Azusa Pacific University

Brian Levon
LWPT Summer 2018

High School: Sammamish
College: Western Washington University
PT School: University of Montana


Cameron Veres
Rehabilitation Aide

High School: Lake Washington
College: Pacific Luthern University
PTA School: PIMA Medical University

Wendell Galvan

Wendell Galvan
Rehabilitation Aide &

High School: Bothell
College: Willamette Universtiy
PTA School: PIMA Medical University

Morgan Fig.jpg

Morgan Figueroa
Summer 2017

High School: Juanita
College: Forhdam University
PT School: Wingate University

Morgan left JHS with a softball scholarship to Fordham university. She mentored with several of our PTs at our Downtown Kirkland Location and successfully applied to Wingate University in North Carolina for their DPT program. We hope to have Morgan back in the PNW by 2021 :)

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 1.22.17 PM.png

Jaoquin Lizaola

Rehab Aide 2017-2018

High School: Hazen
College: Western Washington University

Joaquin leaves the Houghton clinic in preparation for PA school. We are excited for his progress in reaching his goals!

James Kim

James Kim,
SPT Fall 2018
Franklin Pierce University

James finished his internship with Heidi Biehl in November 2018. He returns to PT school to finish up several courses and complete his final internship.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 1.27.47 PM.png

Cameron Siler

High School: Lake Stevens
College: Northwest University

Cameron returned to undergrad full time and refereeing while he preps his PT school applications and finishes up a few pre-requisites.

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 1.24.49 PM.png

Luke Marinkovich

High School: Woodinville
College: Western Washington University

Luke leaves Houghton after approx 1 year with the team as he prepares for PT school. Good luck Luke!

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 1.24.34 PM.png

Hannah Kuracina

High School: Redmond
College: University of Waterloo

Hannah returns to the University of Waterloo in preparation for her PT applications and interviews.

Shin Park

Shin Park
Rehabilitation Aide

High School: Juanita
College: Western Washington University
PTA School: Lake Washington Technical College 2019


Nicole Bartlett
Rehabilitation Aide

High School: Shorecrest
College: Western Washington University
Masters: Seattle Pacific University

Nicoles is off to get her Masters in Psychology and Industrial Design/ Organization.


Keagan Tice,
SPT (Student Physical Therapist)

Bothell High School
Undergrad: Gonzaga University
Graduate: University of Michigan-Flint

Keagan was mentored by both Jessica and Caitlin. He is now off to his last clinical rotation before sitting for his state boards.

Screen Shot 2019-06-05 at 11.45.40 AM.png

Ruth Mayer
Student PT

College: Saginaw Valley State University
PT School: University of Michigan

Ruth is a DPT student from the University of Michigan in her final year. He was mentored by both Kelly and Matt at our Houghton clinic. She leaves LWPT on her way to complete her final clinical rotation and then sit for her licensure exam.

Screen Shot 2019-07-03 at 3.45.47 PM.png

Braedon Miller
Rehabilitation Aide

High School: Bellevue
College: Northwest University

Braedon grew up in Bellevue, WA, where he attended Bellevue High School. His curiosity about physical therapy began with his love of fitness and training. After having physical therapy done for an ankle injury, he knew he wanted to pursue physical therapy. Braedon recently completed his BS in Exercise science and is heading to Grad School!


Bob Cruikshank
Physical Therapist 2018-2019

Bob Left in 2019 to return back to skilled Nursing facility after a great year with our team. You may see many of the articles he wrote on our website as he was a fantastic writer and enjoyed the science and rehab of baseball.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 10.37.22 AM.png

Drew Radovich

High School: Inglemoor High School
College: Northwest University

Drew grew up in Kenmore, WA. He is pursuing physical therapy because he is able to help people while also combining his interest for sports and physical activity. Drew graduated with s a B.S. in Exercise Science from Northwest University.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 2.14.30 PM.png

Cassidy Brown

Cassidy Brown,
SPT (Student Physical Therapist)

High School: Louisville Kenuckty
Undergrad: Indiana University
Graduate: Indiana State University

Cassidy Brown is originally from Louisville, Kentucky. She attended Indiana University Southeast in New Albany, Indiana, where she earned her Bachelor’s in the Science of Psychology. She is currently in her third year of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana. She hopes to one day specialize in pediatrics. Her hobbies include kayaking and hiking.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 2.14.51 PM.png

Noah Kells

High School: Juanita
Undergrad: University of Montana

A big welcome to summer intern Noah Kells!
Noah graduated from Juanita High School in 2016. During his time there he ran track and cross-country and was also a part of the school orchestra. Noah currently is attending the University of Montana and majoring in health and human performance with an emphasis on exercise science and minoring in psychology. He also competed on the track and cross-country team at UM.

Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 2.16.09 PM.png

Liam Knox

High School: Lake Washington
Undergrad: MSU- Billings

We welcome LWHS soccer standout and college soccer player Liam Knox to the clinic for the summer. Liam will be shadowing with Mandie and others as he prepares for a future in Physical Therapy. Go Kangs!