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New Patient Paperwork

Please download and fill out these forms completely before coming in for your first appointment. They help provide very useful information to our therapists to improve your recovery and outcomes. We must have all forms filled out and signed prior to our therapists begining the first session.


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Our greatest advertisement is our current and previous patients. Feel free to read the reviews that we have received since 2010. You can leave comments about your experience that can help other prospective clients making the difficult decision of selecting their physical therapy team. 

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what to expect

During your evaluation one of our licensed physical therapists will do a thorough intake and medical history for the issue that brought you in, review any previous studies or reports, and understand your expectations & goals.

The second phase of the appointment will be a physical examination which will likely involve movements of the spine and extremities both actively and passively. The therapist will also perform any necessary special tests to determine which specific portion of a joint, ligament, tendon, and/or muscle appears most effected or diminished.

After completion of this process there is a good chance they will look at larger functional movements such as squatting, walking, stairs, or sport specific movements. All deficits and/or difficulties are noted and the plan begins to take shape. The PT will then give you some feedback on the overall exam, explain the diagnosis, and then give you several prescribed exercises to be completed at home/work prior to your next visit. The exercises will be given to you for your new patient folder but also text/emailed to you for easy mobile monitoring of the exercise videos you have been prescribed.

What To Bring

You will be with your assigned physical therapist for a dedicated one on one session each visit. Your outcomes are very important to our team. For that reason they ask that you arrive prepared and early. Here are just a few of the items that our staff would like you to bring. 

Paperwork Filled Out
Any Reports: Physician, X-ray, MRI etc..
Insurance Card and Identification
If in a current workout routine: gym, running etc.. Bring your training logs
Athletic / Comfortable Clothes
Running or Walking Shoes


Our staff follows all the APTA, Medicare, and Washington State Department of Health guidelines in terms of billing practices. We only bill for time that a client is under direct supervision of the therapist. We do not add charges from ancillary staff or aides as up-charges.

A typical insurance billed visit is at about 3.1 units and after insurance adjustments is approximately $103. This is well below the regional averages (4.7 units and $155), but our goal has always been to not leave patients surprised at the amount that is submitted or passed on to their responsibility in the end. This makes our clients happy and ready to recommend us to friends and family in the future.