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TPI Swing Characteristics – Early Extension

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 Early extension is one of the most common swing characteristics in amateur golfers and can often be the reason for a block or hook flight path of the ball. While around 70% of amateur golfers early extend, almost all PGA tour players do not which helps show that there is a strong correlation to ball striking with this swing characteristic. First, we will draw a reference line that is both tangent to the tail bone and perpendicular to the ground from the address position. During the golf swing, the pelvis should be rotating behind the reference line and transition from butt cheek to butt check during the transition of your backswing to the downswing. If at any point in your swing you come off the reference line toward the ball, you are exhibiting an early extension swing characteristic. 

TPI Swing Characteristics

Early Extension
Loss of Posture
Over the Top
Flat Shoulder Plane

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