Matt Sato
Western Washington University
Loma Linda University





Continuing Education: Class, Experience, & Events

Duvall Physical Therapy Internship 2002
Overlake Hospital: Rehab Dept 2003
Loma Linda Outpatient Rehab Center 2005
Seattle Medical and Rehabilitation Center 2005
Redmond Physical Therapy: Intern Ben Wobker 2008
Master Clinicians Approach to Examination and Treatment of the Shoulder Complex George Davies 2010
The Running Course : Bryan Heiderscheit PT, PhD and Scott Straker, 2010
Shoulder Update & Treatment: Karl Kolbeck, DPT 2010
Cervical Thoracic Spine: Karl Kolbeck, DPT 2012
Surgery Observation; Dr. Samuel Koo Rotator Cuff repair 2012
Surgery Observation; Dr. Peter Vincent Ankle Debridement 2012
Running & Biomechanics Course Matthew Walsh 2012
Surgery Observation; Dr. Lawrence Maurer Bunionectomy 2012
LumboPelvic Treatment: 2012
Total Hip Arthroplasty; Dr. Jonah Hulst @ LWPT 2013
Advanced Running & Biomechanics Course Matthew Walsh 2013
SFMA Certification: Mike Voight & Brandon Gilliam May 2013
How to Keep our Athletes Safe (Concussions): Dr. Stan Herring Aug 2013
Modern Overhead Athlete Syposium January 2014 (organizer/host)
Shoulder Anatomy Review: Jessica Pare', PT
Shoulder Pathomechanics: Vincent Santoro, MD
Biomechanics of Pitching: Kyle Boddy
Shoulder Mechanics with Cross-Fit: Joe Nance, PT
Swimming Biomechanics: Chris Johnson, PT
Rock Climbing Biomcechanics: Mitch Owens, PT
Total Hip Replacement Lecture: Dr. Christopher Boone Feb 2014
Makoplasty Partial Knee Replacement: Dr. Bruce Rolfe May 2014
LWHS Football Sideline Coverage Fall 2014
TPI Golf Certificaiton Carlsbad, CA October 2014
Spinal Mainpulation: Michael Tollan January 2015
ACL Prevention: Dr Camille Clinton March 2015
Extremity Mainpulation: Michael Tollan September 2015
Lake Washington High School Training Room Coverage Fall 2015
TPI Golf Certification Level II October 2015
Total Joint Replacement Lecture, Dr. Robin Fuchs 2015
Running Mechanics & Cadence Inservice By Jessica Pare 2016
Pain Management Inservice by Heidi Biehl 2016
MVA Whiplash Considerations by Laura Maruhashi 2016
PostPartum Fitness: Holly Tanner, PT, LMP April 2016
ASTYM Techniques/Protocol Inservice: Jocelyn Riordan 2016
System of a Run Part II, Christopher Johnson May 2016
Common Ankle Injuries Lecture: Dr. Jonahtan Hall: Jan 2017
Health Optimization Lecture: Dr. Chimes & Dr. Hyman: Feb 2017
Kirkland Shamrock Run: Volunteer March 2017
Hopelink March Can Drive Volunteer 2017
Arthroscopic Shoulder Update: Samuel Koo, MD May 2017
Patella Arthritis, Surgery, & Rehab Dr. Camille Clinton Oct 2017
Concussion Lecture Dr. Adrielle Fry, MD April 2018
Transforming Your Relationship with Food; Ashton Griffen, CN from CompleteNutrinity June 2018