DriveLine Baseball

K Vest

Utilizing and collecting data individual to each patient to improve outcomes is a skill  physical therapists use each day. Data, such and range of motion or strength, gives therapists an idea of how to tailor treatment to improve function related to that set of data. Driveline baseball approaches training high caliber athletes by utilizing data collection to make objective improvements in mechanics which optimizes the athlete’s chance for success and reduce their chance for injury. The facility has the ability to calculate a wide variety of complex data due to excellent technology. An example of this technology is the K-vest, used in golf to track biomechanics during the swing, which is now being used to track hitting mechanics. As stated on driveline’s website :

“K-Vest measures the kinematic sequence of a player along with tracking body positions at various point of the swing. It highlights positions and rotational velocities at heel strike, first move, and contact. With these metrics, we are able to measure the sequence, rotational speed, and pinpoint a hitter’s body position in space”


Driveline also utilizes a full time physical therapist as a method to reduce risk factor identified with each athlete. Drivelines approach to data collection helps to objectify a historically subjective part of playing baseball which is changing form and mechanics of a player. What throwing mechanics are best? How do we identify what players are at higher risk for injury? What individual pitching mechanics mechanics do not cause increased risk for injury and can be left alone? Driveline has a wholesome approach to player development and we will be covering a few of the aspects of their program as they relate to physical therapy. 

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