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Continuing Education: Class, Experience, & Events:

Lake Washington Sports Clinic Volunteer & Aide: Ken Roll1991-1993
Evergreen Hospital Outpatient Clinic Intern & Aide: 1994
St. Patrick's Hospital Volunteer & Aide Missoula, MT 1995
Tim Cordial Physical Therapy Intern & Aide: Tim Cordial 1996
Overlake Hospital Volunteer & Intern Bellevue, WA 1997
U of Montana Outpatient Clinic Missoula, MT 1998
Overlake Hospital Intern Bellevue, WA 1998
Community Hospital Missoula, MT 1999
University of Montana Women's Soccer Trainer Fall 1999
THA Surgical Observations: Greg Norling, MD 1999
Evergreen Medical Center Intern Rebecca White 2000
TKA Surgical Observation: Greg Engel, MD 2000
Healthsouth Internship: Ken Crinklaw2000
Elbow Complex Kevin Wilk 2000
Redmond High School Football Trainer: 2000
Shoulder Review Healthsouth 2001
Lumbar Concepts Healthsouth 2001
Redmond High School Track Coach; Hurdles & Sprints: 2001
Redmond High School Football Athletic Trainer: 2001
Cervical Spine & Headaches Mariam 2002
Redmond High School Track Coach; Hurdles & Sprints: 2002
Knee Concepts George Davies 2002
Redmond High School Football Trainer; Football, Soccer, Basketball, & Wrestling: 2002
The Running Course Patrick Hoban 2003
Redmond High School Track Coach; Hurdles & Sprints: 2003
Speed & Agility: SAC cert Don Chu; Stanford 2003
Director Impact Speed & Agility Camp: Ben Wobker & Anthony Yengo: 2003
Strength & Conditioning cert CSCS 2003
Redmond High School Football, Basketball, Wrestling Trainer: 2003
Strain Counterstrain Ed Doering 2004
Redmond High School Football Trainer & Quarterbacks Coach: 2004
NAIOMT: Level II: UE & LE Alexa Dobbs 2005
Presentation: Stress Fractures Implications (Assistant) Bob Adams 2005
Footzone: Running Club Presentation series 2005
Redmond High School Football Trainer & Quarterbacks Coach: 2005
Movement Systems: Sahrman LE: I & II Carrie Hall 2005
Movement Systems: Sahrman UE: I & II Carrie Hall 2006
Redmond High School Trainer & Quarterbacks Coach: 2006
Presentation: USATF (assistant) Bob Adams 2007
Footzone: Running Club Presentation series 2007
Muligan Concepts UE & Spine Don Reordan 2007
Redmond High School Trainer and Football Coach (Quarterbacks): 2007
Muligan Concepts LE & Spine Don Reordan 2008
Presentation: Slocum Institute Bob Adams 2008
Presentation: USATF Beijing Bob Adams 2008
UE Concepts: SF Meeting Muligan & Wilk 2009
LE Concepts: SF Meeting Muligan & Wilk 2009
Creater & Director of Hopelink's March Can Madness 2009
Shoulder Update Procedures and Rehabilitation Kevin Wilk 2010
Footzone: Speaker EHS Camp 2010
Shoulderworks Protocol Developer & Presenter: Santoro & Koo 2010
Clavicular Surgery Observation: Christian Peterson 2010
Shoulder Update & Treatment: Karl Kolbeck 2010
Falls Prevention Lecturer: Kirkland Rotary/Kiwanis Club Ben Wobker 2011
USA Track & Field Manual Contributing Author: Lumbar & LE Rehab 2011
Contemporary Persp. for Post-Operative Shoulder Rehab: Kolbeck 2011
USA Track & Field Manual Contributing Author: Lumbar & LE Rehab 2012
Cervical & Thoracic Spine dysfunction: Kolbeck @ LWPT 2012
Race Director & Founder Kirkland Shamrock Run 2012
Chamber of Commerce Lecture on Race Directing 2012
Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery: Dr. Samuel Koo 2012
Eastlake High School Lecture: Running Injuries 2012
Co-chair & Founder Redmond Derby Days Dash 2012
Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery: Dr. Vincent Santoro 2012
Running & Biomechanics Course Matthew Walsh 2012
Cuff Tear Arthoropathy; Dr. Vincent Santoro & Karl Kolbeck 2013
Total Hip Arthroplasty; Dr. Jonah Hulst @ LWPT 2013
TRX Certification Course 2013
Race Director Kirkland Shamrock Run: 2013
Advanced Running & Biomechanics Course Matthew Walsh 2013
IAAF & French Federation Track; Co-Author Dr. Bob Adams 2013
SFMA Certification: Mike Voight & Brandon Gilliam May 2013
How to Keep our Athletes Safe (Concussions): Dr. Stan Herring Aug 2013
Accupuncture & Athletes Lecture: Jason Landry LAc Oct 2013
How to write evidence based orthotics: Dr. Larry Huppin Nov 2013
Choosing appropriate running & minimalistic shoes Dr. Reeves Nov 2013
Gender Differences in LE biomechanics: Dr. Irene Davis Nov 2013
Autograft vs Allograft: Dr. Weinrub Nov 2013
First MTPJ Function & Non-Trad Perspective: Dr. Paul Dayton Nov 2013
Child With a Limp: Dr. Valmassy Nov 2103
Vascular Disease & Peripheral Neuropathy: Dr. Larry Harkless Nov 2013
Diabetic Foot Ulcers: Dr. Lavery Nov 2013
Illizarov External Fixation in Ankle Reconstruction: Dr. Lee Nov 2013
Altering Gait Patters: Dr. Irene Davis Nov 2013
Talar Listhesis: Dr. Christensen Nov 2013
Surgical Approach to Posterior Tibial Tendon: Dr. Weinrub Nov 2013
Post Traumatic Ankle Arthritis: Dr. Schuberth Nov 2013
Total Ankle Arthroplasy: Dr. Shuberth Nov 2013
Oseoarthritis Myths and Opportunities: Dr. Pack Nov 2013
Clinical Effects of Vitamin D: Dr. Lee Nov 2013
Ankle Implants: Dr. Christensen Nov 2013
Lisfranc Fracture & Dislocations: Dr. Traynor Nov 2013
Orthotics & Heel Pain: Dr. Larry Huppin Nov 2013
Modern Overhead Athlete Syposium January 2014 (organizer/host)
Shoulder Anatomy Review: Jessica Pare', PT
Shoulder Pathomechanics: Vincent Santoro, MD
Biomechanics of Pitching: Kyle Boddy
Shoulder Mechanics with Cross-Fit: Joe Nance, PT
Swimming Biomechanics: Chris Johnson, PT
Rock Climbing Biomcechanics: Mitch Owens, PT
Total Hip Replacement Lecture: Dr. Christopher Boone Feb 2014
Race Organizer Kirkland Shamrock Run 2014
Makoplasty Partial Knee Replacement: Dr. Bruce Rolfe May 2014
Myofascial Release Certification: John Barnes June 2014
Dr. Tanya Cabrita shadow with Ben July 2014
Lectured at Fly Fitness: Foam Rolling Fascial Release Aug 2014
IAFF Research Study with Dr. Bob Adams Aug 2014
Lake Washington High School Training Room Coverage Sept 2014
ProOrtho Round Table at LWPT Protocols & Techniques Sept 2014
SwiftPath Lecture with Dr. Craig McCalister & Robin Fuchs Oct 2014
Consultant to ZSolutions for Zophie Treadmill & Operating System
Spinal Mainpulation: Michael Tollan January 2015
Super Jock & Jill Lecture Medical Night Speaker: Feb 2015
IAAF Cardiac Arrest Author for Presentation: Bob Adams January 2015
Spinal Manipulation: Laurie Hartman February 2015
ACL Prevention: Dr Camille Clinton March 2015
OrthoEd Integrating Mgmt of Whiplash Associated Disorders April 2015
Super Jock & Jill Lecture Medical Night Speaker: May 2015
The Spine: An Osteopathic Approach: Laurie Hartman May 2015
Running Footwear: Shoes Impact Form: Jay Dicharry: June 2015
Lectured on Shoulder Rehab: Fitness Together Kirkland August 2015
Extremity Mainpulation: Michael Tollan September 2015
Authored Lecture with Dr. Bob Adams for Oklahoma State University 2015
Super Jock & Jill Lecture Medical Night Speaker: September 2015
Lake Washington High School Training Room Coverage Fall 2015
Total Joint Replacement Lecture, Dr. Robin Fuchs 2015
Running Mechanics & Cadence Inservice By Jessica Pare 2016
Pain Management Inservice by Heidi Biehl 2016
Co-Authored Bob Adams,DO Lecture Porland, OR for USATF & IAAF 2016
MVA Whiplash Considerations by Laura Maruhashi 2016
PostPartum Fitness: Holly Tanner, PT, LMP April 2016
ASTYM Techniques/Protocol Inservice: Jocelyn Riordan 2016
Published iTunesRuning App: (app click here)
System of a Run Part II, Christopher Johnson May 2016
Authored: Work & LIfe Balance Clinicient Blog June 2016
The Shoulder: Traumatic and Post Operative Injuries Macrina 2016
Medicare & CPT Code Changes Clinicient Dec 2016
Common Ankle Injuries Lecture: Dr. Jonahtan Hall: Jan 2017
Health Optimization Lecture: Dr. Chimes & Dr. Hyman: Feb 2017
Kirkland Shamrock Run: Director March 2017
Hopelink March Can Drive 2017
Advanced Running Course Update: Matthew Walsh March 2017
Pain Mgmt of Chronic Lumbosacral Pain: Kim Mauer, MD April 2017
The Saliba Postural Classification System: Vicky Saliba Johnson April 2017
The Integrated Systems Model (ISM) & Motor Control for the Management of LBP Diane Lee, PT April 2017
Movement-based Subgrouping Low Back Pain: Consideration of Motor Control Nicholas Karayannis, DPT April 2017
Pressure Systems through Treatment and Training Pelvic Floor, Diaphragm and Glottis; Gregg Johnson, PT April 2017
Integrating Directional Preference and Centralization Into Low Back Pain Josh Kidd, DPT April 2017
How "Kegels" Can be Detrimental to Patients with LBP  M. J. Strauhal, PT April 2017
Core Strengthening and Influences on Gait Nancy Causton April 2017
Language, Culture and Pain: Contextual Considerations Low Back Pain Justin Dunaway, PT April 2017
Incorporating a Neuromuscular Perspective into the Lumbosacral Exam David Kurihara, DPT April 2017
Regenerative Injection Therapy: Consideration for Lumbar and SI Pathology Dr Rahul N Desai, MD April 2017
Neuromodulation: Update 2017 Dr Mark A Kallgren, MD April 2017
Guest on Dr. Chimes & Dr. Hyman's Podcast: May 2017
ABCs of Nutrition: Geoff Lecovin, DC, ND May 2017
Arthroscopic Shoulder Update: Samuel Koo, MD May 2017
Guest on the Runner Zone: Christopher Johnson FB Live May 2017
Patella Arthritis, Surgery, & Rehab Dr. Camille Clinton Nov 2017
Pelvic Floor Dysfunction in the Athlete: Vickie Otto Dec 2017
Ultramarathon Running and tendonitis; Dr. Phil Shaw Jan 2018
Personal Trainer Alexis Christiensen Interview and lecture on fitness philosophy February 2018
Co-Presenter for Shock Wave Therapy for Plantar Fasciitis with Dr. Peter Vincent February 2018
Lecturer for Total Shoulder Preoperative course with Claudia Kolatay February 2018
Hopelink Can Madness Charity Event Kickoff Speaker February 2018
Preoperative Shoulder Inservice Video Shot and presented February 2018
Maximizing Results with Coach Mendo Interview: March 2018
Dr. Makinde Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Inservice March 2018
Manipulation Extremity Course Update: Dr. Michael Tollan, PT March 2018
Shoe Lecture Update Presenter: Everyday Athlete Kirkland March 2018
Director Kirkland Shamrock Run March 2018
Drynasplint Inservice Knee, Elbow, Shoulder: Kendall Maddux April 2018
Iliotibial Band Syndrome Lecture; Dr. Eric Foch CWU April 2018
Concussion Lecture Dr. Adrielle Fry, MD April 2018
Journal Club Discussion: Research Update Hip May 2018
Kirkland Middle School Wellness Spokesperson: June 2018
Transforming Your Relationship with Food; Ashton Griffen, CN from CompleteNutrinity June 2018

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