Mandie Majerus

Mandie Majerus
Assistant Clinic Manager
Montana State University
University of Montana

Mandie has a drive to help individuals meet their goals and she is active in the development of a patient’s rehabilitative program. These are many of the same qualities that she trains by to be successful in her own athletic endeavors. 



Mandie’s primary interests include running, ski mountaineering, climbing and backpacking. Her accomplishments include climbing/skiing the Washington volcanoes (including Mt. Rainier 6 times), climbing many peaks in the North Cascades, completing Ironman Canada in 2011, running marathons and trail races and participating in road rides including RAMROD and STP. 

Professional development continues to be a high priority and Mandie completed her NAIOMT Level III manual therapy certification and is officially a CMT (Certified Manual Therapist). She has also taken courses on the Mulligan concept, Movement Systems Dysfunctions and the biomechanics of running. She is an Orthopedic Certified Specialist (OCS). Mandie was fortunate to have worked as the sole PT at the Antarctica research station in 2010 at the South Pole. She also continues to volunteer as one of the PTs for the US Ski team and travels during world cup seasonto support the team.

Look for Mandie on the slopes, roads and switchbacks of the Pacific Northwest.



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